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Here are the most common types of adoptions…

The biggest distinction related to types, is a domestic adoption vs. an international adoption. There are pros and cons to each. The best resource to gather information may be from adoptive families themselves. Our page can serve as a forum for the adoption community to communicate about these issues!

A domestic adoption refers to the process of a U.S. citizen adopting a child who is also a U.S. citizen. There are 4 types of domestic adoptions:
1) adoption through the foster care system
2) adoption through a licensed agency
3) an independent adoption in which prospective parents are advised by an attorney
4) adoption through an unlicensed agency

Domestic adoptions tend to be faster & more affordable, but have a degree of uncertainty especially in terms of the level of openness (to be decided on by both parties) that both feel will meet the needs of the adopted child.

International adoption is when a citizen of one country adopts a child who is a citizen of another country. Specific countries set up laws regarding international adoption to prevent corruption and exploitation of children. A benefit to International adoption is that it can be more predictable, however, many countries are closing their international adoption programs and limiting both who can adopt & what children are considered adoptable.
Although international adoption may make it more difficult for the adoptee to celebrate his/her culture, it is a valuable way for at-risk kids to be connected with a family. Other considerations are the adoption of a sibling group, or children with special needs and the the age of a potential adoptee. Based on these, some international programs give special consideration or exceptions for various requirements in an effort for a waiting child to be matched with a loving family.

Once you decided what type of adoption you want to pursue, the next step is to find an agency!
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