My name is Maria and my sister, Laura, and I have had three adoption experiences in our extended family and our efforts are dedicated to the children we love and for all the children waiting…
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“They want to adopt, but the expense…”, she said. I was talking with Laura, on the phone and I could hear the pang in her voice. We had this conversation many times before, but these words were Laura’s last before we teamed up and took action. Our hearts ached for couples we personally knew that longed to grow their family through adoption, but found the financial piece challenging. Our hearts ached for the children of the world who deserved to be with loving families.
I Support Adoptions was founded in 2008 when two sisters became passionate about wiping out the divide between the needs of orphans, and with the financial barriers some families faced in pursuing adoption. This ministry has since evolved into an understanding of the needs of at-risk children worldwide and the ability to connect the vulnerable with resources to enable them to live the life they have a right to.
Because of your generous donations, I Support Adoptions has had the privilege to gift 6 adoption grants to help bring children both domestically and internationally, home to connect with families.